Demonic Kabbalah


††††††††† Numerous sources link the cult leaders, such as Joseph Smith (Mormon), Charles Taze Russell (Jehovah Witness), James Springer White (husband of Ellen G. White (SDA) all with Freemasonry financial support.  All left behind "obelisks" to mark their grave sites as a symbol of their true and real affiliation with the world of the occult, i.e. Freemasonry.  Those who understand the roots of the Rosicrucians, and Freemasonry know the Kabbalah is greatly revered and practiced at the highest levels of those cults and secret societies.  Kabbalah is like a cancer that has metastasized within the body of the Satanic occult world.  It is pagan to the core.

††††††††† Kabbalah is a Jewish system of black magick which originated in ancient pagan Babylon.  Freemasonry is a Jewish sex cult.  The primary Masonic symbol, the square and compass (which is also a representation of the pagan Jewish Star of David) is seen throughout the Masonic temples and lodges.  A Lodge is directly across the street from where I get my hair cut.  Their familiar square and compass flaunts the sexual image on their Lodge second floor window. 

††††††††† The infamous Albert Pike, author of the Masonic bible, 'Morals and Dogma' is on public record stating that
the 33-degrees of Freemasonry is based on the "Jewish Kabbalah", the source of everything that happens in the Masonic lodge.  I've always wondered why so many Baptist and Methodist pastors could still remain as Christian pastors while knowing they belong to a Satanic sex-cult.  This sex-cult imagery is found in the intersecting of the square and compass, and the two triangle images that intersect to form the Hexagram on the Jewish national flag.  In Masonry, symbols and images are everything.  Both of these symbols represent the merger of the divine feminine and divine masculine.  So you can see the futility of trying to convince otherwise and there is no need for anyone to deny this since Masonry's infamous Grand Master of the Southern Jurisdiction of the 33rd Degree of Free and Accepted Masonry has written on this reality. 

††††††††† Kabbalah is based largely upon the Jewish Zohar, a 13th century writing and it is an esoteric writing (which basically means that you cannot understand it by reading it, someone has to explain it to you).  You have to have someone in the practice of Kabbalah explain it for you.  I have read some of it, but it is evident that it wasn't intended to be understood.  Many believe its interpretation is at the whim of any occultist who wants to manipulate stupid people.  Itís akin to along the line of writings like Nostradamus and Edgar Casey, ambiguous, but when stretched to a point seems to offer some prophetic insight no matter how shallow it may seem. 

††††††††† In recent years the Vatican, in order to thwart Biblical-Christians from exposing their heretical beliefs, changed all of their online doctrines into Latin at the Vatican's official website.  While it looks impressive to the outside world, few people actually read Latin.  The Roman Catholic Institution has been a massive religious fraud from the get go intended to defraud and to deceive the masses of the world.  It has been a wonderful tool in the cause of Satan.  Given Pope Francis statements in the past four years we are seeing the onslaught of the One World Church rising from the Sea.

††††††††† What differentiates truth from fraud is that Truth needs no hiding or masking of its tenets.  The Word of God has a definite meaning which cannot be twisted, that is if you take the Bible at face value.  Sadly, Kabbalism has many devout followers such as Madonna (who built a $5-million Kabbalah reading room in London) and Britney Spears (who is or has written a book on Kabbalah for children).  The Zohar is straight from the pit of Hell! 

††††††††† What is Kabbalah and who believes in it?  When I left the United Methodist Church, I had lots of time available to investigate it and things that had got my curiosity.  I was only doing pulpit and vacation supply, and interviewing for a position, etc., leaving my mornings and afternoons free.  I began a several month investigation of Kabbalah to get some understanding of what it was all about. 


††††††††† I learned that Kabbalah is a branch of Jewish mysticism, which is thought to have originated in the 13th century.  Its teachings come from an ancient 23-volume book called the Zohar, which offers interpretations of the inner meaning of the Torah, supposedly.  Traditionally, its practices were reserved for a select number of Jewish scholars who already had an advanced understanding of Jewish law, but for the past 500 years it has been followed more widely.

††††††††† In 1969, a former insurance salesman, Rabbi Philip Berg, established the Kabbalah Center International and appointed himself as its leader.  The center markets Kabbalah as a "universal system of self-improvement" and attracts more than 3.5-million followers.  Rabbi Berg claims that Kabbalah answers the ultimate questions of human existence; who we are, where we come from and why we're here.  Its followers claim that it can purify the soul and banish disease, depression and discontent using the spiritual life of the Zohar.  You cannot rule out the placebo effect in all this mysticism. This theme of "self-improvement" is the essence of selling membership in the Freemasons.  The real goal is to transform humans into gods in Freemasonry. 

††††††††† The Kabbalah Center sells copies of its sacred texts and other "spiritual tools", such as Kabbalah Water.  Does that not sound familiar like the Catholic Institution and its so-called holy water.  You will find this selling of holy water or anointing oils as the mark of many a scam.  Among its best sellers is the red-string bracelet, said to protect the wearer from the evil eye.  Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Madonna have all been seen sporting one. 


††††††††† Brother Mike Hoggard often talks about the Hebrew Roots movement, referring to Jim Staley, Michael Rood, and James Jacob PraschThese men all talk like they were Jews, or dress in Biblical costume, often referring to themselves by phrases such as when "We" came out of Egypt, etc.  Jacob Prasch was born a Roman Catholic, raised a Roman Catholic, and to listen to Prasch you would think he was a Hebrew sage of David's equal.  I grant you that Jacob Prasch is colorful and persuasive in his oratory, but he is just another false teacher that Paul would identify as a Judaizer in his dealing with Galatians.  I put James Prasch in a category somewhere between Benny Hinn and Rick Warren!

††††††††† Kabbalah means "tradition" or "transmitted teaching".  It is a mix of Jewish mysticism, the occult, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, and uses numerology to "interpret" the Bible.  Even though it claims to have been handed down orally from Abraham, the system appears to have been given its earliest formulation in the 11th century in France.  It is sad in these last days to see people turning to every kind of lie imaginable, when they are seriously searching for the truth and answers to what this life is all about.  All they really need is a good Bible!

††††††††† Ever since the days of the Tower of Babel, men have created false gods and religions out of their imagination, rejecting the One and only True God and His Truth.  Kabbalah is one of the hottest cults today because of celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Paris Hilton who have popularized it.  Revenues are obtained through the sale of books, tapes, the famous "red-string" bracelet that is supposed to protect the wearer from the "evil eye", and Kabbalah water.  I'm not sure whether you drink it or bathe with it.

††††††††† Like ALL cults, Kabbalists make it sound like something everyone should be involved in.  They also falsely claim that you can be a Christian and still be involved in Kabbalah.  Biblically speaking, Kabbalah is a lie from the pit of Hell; and, it has NOTHING to do whatsoever with the Christian faith!  ALL cults base their final authority on something other than God's Word.  The Mormon cult base their authority upon something other than God's Word, it uses the Book of Mormon.  The Jehovah Witnesses cult uses the writings of the Watchtower Society.  The Christian Scientist cult uses the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.  The SDA's uses the writings of Ellen G. White.  Scientology adherents use the writings of L. Ron Hubbard; and the Kabbalah cult uses the Zohar.

††††††††† Cults are nothing new, with the Apostle Paul addressing this issue in Galatians 1:7.  The bottom line of all the cults, at the core, is the denial of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  They all, sooner or later, reveal that they reject the deity of Jesus Christ.  Some in the Kabblah teach a Kabbalah Trinity, and it is not the Trinity or the Triune Godhead of the Bible.  According to the "International Nazarene House of Beit Din", a Kabbalistic trinity consists of the Father, the Son, and the Mother Spirit.
The organization ran afoul of the Texas State's Attorney General for issuing illicit academic degrees.  It was fined $170,000 and $5,000 for each illicit degree it granted under its bogus front and If that wasn't enough they further ran afoul of legitimate Jewish Yeshiva organizations in New York City and elsewhere.  The fraudulent 'yeshiva', did not even meet Jewish requirements apparently to even come close to qualify for formal accreditation.  
The problem is that the latter is just a web site front with a post office box in Hurst, Texas.  The "UNJS" has an Internet ranking of 14,162,442, which in the language of the Internet, it gets very few hits or visits.   One can easily find all of this evidence and much more on the Internet with a little effort to locate it. 

††††††††† The Jewish mystical doctrine known as Kabbalah = "Tradition" is distinguished by its theory of ten creative forces that intervene between the infinite, unknowable God ("Ein Sof") and our created world.  Through these powers God created and rules the universe, and it is by influencing them that humans cause God to send to Earth forces of compassion or severe judgment.  It sounds very similar to reading your daily horoscope in the newspaper.  Itís also similar to Old Testament "works-righteousness"!  There are many parallels in Kabbalah to the pagan worship of polytheism, ďSunĒ worship, etc.

††††††††† Michael Tsarion, an authority on mystical symbolism and esoteric studies has shown that the Kabbalah was incorporated into the coronation of the current Queen of England.  His video "The Queen of England's Tarot Card Ceremony" illustrates how Kabbalah was so integral to Freemasonry and the Crown. 

††††††††† The right side represents the principles of unity, harmony, and benevolence, as embodied in the "Sefirah of Hesed'.  It is associated with the bestowing of generous goodness upon our world.  It is associated with the bestowing of generous goodness upon the world.  It is referred to as the masculine side.

††††††††† The Left side of the "Sefirot" structure is the side of power and strict justice, the values embodied in the 'Sefirah of Din'.  It is the female side, representing the fearsome awe of God, and the principles of separation and distinction.  The unrestrained dominion of the Left side gives rise to Evil.

††††††††† The Middle column of the 'Sefirot' structure represents the ideal balance of divine mercy and justice.  This harmony is best represented in the "Sefirah of Tiferet' which exists midway between the extremes of "Din" and "Hesed', female and male.  Following traditional Rabbinic perception, the Kabbalah recognizes that the universe will not survive if it were founded only upon justice or only upon mercy.  These are their very own words on interpreting Kabbalah!

These so-called "ten" creative forces are called:

    1.  Keter, the Divine Crown
    2.  Hokhmah, Wisdom
  Binah, Understanding
  Hesed, Mercy
  Din, Justice
  Tiferet, Beauty
  Nezah, Eternity
  Hod, Glory
  Yesod, Foundation
  10. Shekkinah, God's Presence in the World

††††††††† Thankfully, the Word of God (the Bible) is open to all.  There is no private interpretation of the Bible, "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation".  -(2nd Peter 1:20).  God has written the Bible to all mankind.  The Trinity or Triune Godhead is "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit".  Anyone can understand the basic Word of God if they will come to Jesus Christ and receive God's gift of eternal life -(John 1:12).  Oh, how Satan blinds the masses with such vain deception!  ANYTHING that is of the occult is Satanic and that includes Kabbalah.  This includes all New Age teachings, yoga, astrology, Tarot card reading, palm reading, psychics, Yin Yang, spiritualism, astrology charting known in John Dee and Francis Bacon's day as "calculating" astral projection, hypnotism, good luck charms, fortune tellers, divining, etc.

††††††††† Friends be not deceived!  Freemasonry was the common denominator with all of the cults, and that includes the demonic Kabbalah.  I have much more to share on this but make no mistake about this, Satan rules over America, and the world.  Satan has infiltrated our schools, our churches, our government, and even our Bibles.  Something I cannot show or illustrate here is, there is a marked similarity between the Kabbalah "Sefirot" and the geographical layout of "Federal Mall" of the U.S. Capitol.  Kabbalah is demonic and those practicing such are under Satanic power and influence.  The likes of those in Kabbalah are seducing the likes of those seeking truth, with the demonic forces of Satan/Lucifer.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! 

Pastor Bob